Get Involved !

Whether you are looking to join our growing volunteer team or help reach our goal through donating, Golden Future Albania needs your help to successfully complete its two-week, onsite pilot project and build the foundation for successful programs for years to come.

GFA's project aims to foster and promote sustainable change by:

  • Building self-esteem and self-empowerment
  • Increasing personal health awareness
  • Promoting economic growth and sustainability
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and providing data on available grants/loans
  • Raising awareness of STDs, unwanted pregnancies and children left at orphanages
  • Fostering social responsibility and community development initiatives

Volunteers are currently working on the following onsite project modules:

  • The Life Skills Module: The Life Skills Module will focus on gender equality, self-empowerment, self-esteem, domestic violence, nutrition, and other important issues to be identified in our research
  • The Health Module: The Health Module will focus on basic self-hygiene education, awareness of STDs, safe-sex procedures, and unwanted pregnancies and other important issues to be identified in our research
  • The Education Module: The Education Module will focus on the pursuit of higher education. Students will be encouraged to keep learning with information on scholarships, grants and programs of interest, and through interactive discussions on opportunities both in Albania and abroad
  • The Micro-Enterprise Module: The Micro-Enterprise Module will focus on small businesses in the community. This group will provide businesses with information on business expansion and strategy. At the high school, this team will provide basic steps and guidelines to pursue a new start-up venture. The micro-enterprise group will also work with small community businesses in addition to their work at the high school