About Us !

Golden Future Albania (GFA) is a Toronto-based community organization aiming to improve the lives of youths in vulnerable communities in Albania.

Founded in Toronto in January 2012, GFA is currently working with a team of 50 volunteers, comprised mainly, but not exclusively, of Canadian youths of Albanian descent. It is preparing for a two-week, on-site pilot project in Albania that will bring Canadian volunteers and supplies to a high school in a vulnerable community.

Currently one of the poorest and least developed countries in Europe, Albania has had a difficult transition from a brutal communist regime to a weak democracy. Schools in communities that have mushroomed due to internal migration from poor rural areas are crowded and under-serviced. It is here that GFA wants to intervene with its pilot project.

GFA's student-centered workshops will engage learners in valuable discussions and present insights into some of the particular challenges facing their community. These interactive workshops will include activities, intellectual discussions, hands-on training sessions, mentoring and coaching. Volunteers will also promote entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box, lateral thinking, and provide information on grants and loans to encourage small business startups. The program also includes supplying and installing a new computer laboratory for the high school.

GFA will help foster and promote, in tandem with its onsite partners, sustainable community change. The pilot project will simultaneously allow its volunteer participants to act as humanitarians, practise social responsibility, and perpetuate positive growth in a developing nation. To do this, our project pilot team will create and implement a two-week Outreach Program consisting of four modules; 25 of our team members will launch the project onsite in Albania, May 2013. The team will also collaborate with a local NGO, a university, government bodies, social service organization, and others to continue with the cultivation process post our teams' return.

The team will provide the intensive two-weeks of modules and activities while our onsite partners will ensure year-long continuity of our project and its goals.

GFA and its outreach program will be modeled after The University of Windsor's highly successful Golden Future South Africa Project founded by Gerjon (Gary) Kalaci, and which is now in its fifth year.